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Locking System

Over three decades of experience enable us to provide you with excellent Locking Systems solutions suited specifically to your needs, helping you with the preparation and installation of the lock units for your entire building scheme.

Hotels & Serviced Apartments

High flexibility with both short and longer stays.

Office Buildings

Precise access control of Units and Employees.

Production Plants & Factories

Backtrack granted and denied entries throughout the facility.

Higher Security Areas

Two-Factor Authentication and trespassing activity.

Apartment Buildings

Easily manage access and replace lost or expired.

Schools & Public Institutions

Designate access areas with permission and time limits.

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Enabling you to secure your premise with the latest access technology. Our tailored solutions adapt seamlessly into your business requirements, stable & connected.

Planning and Installation
Integrations and Monitoring
Consultation and Support
Security analysis
Custom integrations and development

Hotel Optimization

Together we create an unforgettable Guest experience.

Hotel Automation

Reduce repetitive tasks and create extra time to engage with your clients.

Building Automation

Integration of the Locking System Events to a monitor or alarm system.

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Checkin24-7 Terminal

Your guests are welcomed 24hours a day with our Checkin24-7 Terminal .

Our Host Terminal receives your guests and guides them through the steps for payment, registration, keycard creation (among other things). The Host Terminal is built for a wide range of hospitality concepts. The modular concept also allows for a purposely built modules, inside and outside the hospitality industry.

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Checkin 24-7 Reservations System

Online Reservation System for small and mid-sized hotels.

Manage your rooms or apartments right from your browser. Create your account and get up and running in minutes. Very high flexibility and extensibility. Easily Manage and control your accommodation from your desktop or mobile browser.

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24-7 Payment

Through our work with payment service providers we can convey you to a regional representative. All our preferred partners work well with our products. We will help you with consultation and rate comparison.

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The Company

The story of Key & Card AG starts back in 1988 when Electronic Locking Systems became the focus of the Hospitality Industry. Back then, Magnet based Systems were the main technology used and they were more prone to problems than today’s RFID technologies.

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