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The story of Key & Card AG starts back in 1988 when Electronic Locking Systems became the focus of the Hospitality Industry. Back then, Magnet based Systems were the main technology used and they were more prone to problems than today’s RFID technologies.

In the early 2000’s and with the rapid evolving digitized market, new market segments could be addressed. Interconnectivity between the Locks and the Access Distribution software was widely adapted and made it possible to react on changes quickly. This newly added feature could be used for integrations in Alarm and Detection-Reporting Systems.

In 2012 we expanded our product portfolio with the market introduction of the Checkin24-7 technologies for personnel optimized receptions. In the beginning small and middle sized Hotels were the first actors to profit. Followed by new market segments like Service Apartments and bigger Hotels where the Check-In Terminals are mostly adapted for Business Hotels or complementary

to reduce in-line delays during rush hour.

In the autumn of 2015 we successfully served our first customer with a Mobile Key. WiFi connected Locks could be opened with a Smartphone app, followed by Bluetooth technology. NFC (Near-Field Communication) has not yet found a wide adoption due to mobile phone suppliers facing difficulties with its integration.

With the inclusion of the Passport Scanner in 2017 we have further facilitated the ease of use of our Check-In Terminal as well as increased the reliability of the scan capture for Registration Forms which are required by Law in most regions.

2019 is the year where we modernized a lot of our infrastructure and automated internal processes to reduce time to market and man hours spent on individual setups. We are looking forward to the year 2020 with many new features and technologies being implemented into our products as well as entirely new products currently in development.

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