Locking System

Over three decades of experience enable us to provide you with excellent Locking Systems solutions suited specifically to your needs, helping you with the preparation and installation of the lock units for your entire building scheme.

In the essence building a “locking system” is combining a lock with technology and giving it awareness of state. This starts with simple things like who has the right to access a given door at what time of the day. Who is no longer eligible to enter?

The nature of your business and security requirements are the most important aspects of how to select your locking system and your locking system provider.

Lock Plans

The lock plan which is visualized as a matrix table is the core of your access grant logic. It is the central organization and therefore the heart of your system. The main differences between traditional cylinders, electronic locks or cylinders and electronic locks connect through a building network are.

Exchange of Cylinder and Key

Traditionally, if a key is lost it can become very expensive to to exchange cylinders and keys or risk a security exposure. Electronic and especially online locks reduce the risk on key loss to a minimum including the time from when you know a key is lost to the time where a lost key will not continue to work.

Dynamic access groups

- Who to trust?

Traditional systems require key or even cylinder exchange. Electronic locks and keys can be update individually. If online, even on the fly without addition and manual update task.

Interchangeble Locks

Dynamically grow and expand your access control from lock groups, buildings and even organization wide. Traditional mechanical cylinders are purpose built and not interchangeable while respecting access groups.

Three dimensional Access distribution

• What you can access
• The required grant type to access (by user group or individual)
• The grant time you are allow
(prohibit access on week-ends, nights)


The dynamic and fine graded configuration not only increase your security level, but are usually also more cost efficient than having to replace cylinders and keys.


Hotels & Serviced Apartments

High flexibility with both short and longer stays.

Office Buildings

Precise access control of Units and Employees.

Production Plants & Factories

Backtrack granted and denied entries throughout the facility.

Higher Security Areas

Two-Factor Authentication and trespassing activity.

Apartment Buildings

Easily manage access and replace lost or expired.

Schools & Public Institutions

Designate access areas with permission and time limits.

Not sure whether your establishment fits our list?

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