Enabling you to secure your premise with the latest access technology. Our tailored solutions adapt seamlessly into your business requirements, stable & connected.

Planning and Installation
Integrations and Monitoring
Consultation and Support
Security Analysis
Custom integrations and development


We do the installation and let you or your IT contractor handle your devices. Questions and updates will be handled individually.


We co-manage your system and enhance security and accessibility. This setup is aimed for keeping standards and reducing errors with automated management.


Our automated infrastructure management controls or even monitors your system. This usually involves resources the locking system depends on and provides the most stable environment.


You do not always have the luxury of making a fresh start. We can incorporate system events or commands in other systems and let them talk to each other. Think about KNX, alarm systems, other building automation.


For the Co- and Fully Managed services we additionally serve you with network accessibility for your web based infrastructure. This leverages you to access your locking system or host-terminal configuration through the browser, whether you are in your corporate environment or not. The solution creates a proxy private connection with additional security enhancements.


Hotel Optimization

Together we create an unforgettable Guest experience.

Hotel Automation

Reduce repetitive tasks and create extra time to engage with your clients.

Building Automation

Integration of the Locking System Events to a monitor or alarm system.

Host Terminal


With the Co- and Fully Managed Service, we also offer you access to your web-based infrastructure.

This means you can access your configurator and locking system via your browser, regardless of your location.


Tailored Solutions


Sometimes an integration is just not enough. We have experienced developers and designers who can bring your idea and needs to the next level. Should we miss something importand to you? Let us talk! We have integrated a variety of PMS, locking systems and other 3rd party tools.

Not sure whether your establishment fits our list?

Send us a mail and we will figure it out together!